10 fresh garden upgrade ideas for spring 2019


10 fresh garden upgrade ideas for spring 2019

Once the weather warms up it’s inevitable that you’d want to spend more time outside. And if that’s your plan, and you are one of the lucky ones who have their own garden, now is the perfect time to think about upgrading it.

You don’t need to invest a lot of money into it, just some spare time and creativity are all you need. Then you can enjoy as many barbecue parties, al-fresco dinners and quiet sunsets as you like in your new garden.

If you dream of an Instagramable garden but need some inspiration, we can help.

Here is a list of fresh ideas to inspire your inner gardener/decorator.

  1. Plan the paths and edges.

Every great idea starts with a great plan, so make sure to create yours first. Once you’ve done that it’s time to start your work. The first step is to clean your pathways and paving and cover them with new gravel. Then outline the flower beds with your favourite material – could be bricks, stone or anything else you find suitable.

  1. Next in line is the fence.

If you want your garden to be pretty you’ll need a new fence. You don’t need to replace it, just cover it with a fresh layer of paint. Only think of replacement if you notice any rotting parts. If you really want to go wild, why not choose a bright, fun colour instead of the dull browns.

  1. Plant with a plan.

    In our dreams we all imagine a designer-looking garden but more often than not, being able to afford one is a whole different story. However there are a few cheat-tricks we can share with you. If you plant a line of pleached trees or evergreen shrubs around your garden, it will instantly give it a more upmarket look. To hide an ugly fence, choose a climbing plant.

  2. Light it all up.

    Your garden could be as magical at night as it is during the day. Just has to have the right lighting. For big trees and statues uplighting is a great approach to draw the attention. For decorated corners, tiles or accent points downlighting is the right choice. Just don’t forget that you’ll need to book an electrician to plan the wiring. Click here to book a Rightio electrician.

  3. Add furniture.

    Furniture is no longer ridiculously expensive to buy, and you can always buy unique pieces second hand. In fact, you’re guaranteed to spend more time in the garden, if you had a table and a set of chairs set up and waiting for you. Add a pop of colour with some funky pillows and a rug.

  4. Who said you can’t have potted plants?

Just because it’s a garden, it doesn’t mean that all your plants have to be planted in the ground. Bring your house plants out (but don’t forget to keep watering them) and repaint the pots to match your garden’s aesthetics.

  1. Add a water feature.

This might cost you a bit, but if you really want to make your garden impressive it’s a good investment. Adding a small pond or a running water feature will make your garden a place of calm and will block the annoying street noise. Don’t forget to consult a professional plumber if you’re adding a water feature. Click here to book a Rightio tradesman.

  1. Think of the birds

If you love DIY you can make a cute bird-feeder or bird house, following online tutorials. We found a great blog with 6 easy ways to make your own bird feeders.

  1. Maintaining your garden.

When your new garden is ready, you’ll need to water it and take constant care of it. You can make your life so much easier by installing a garden tap. Add a hose holder as well, and you’ll be thankful about not having to carry meters of hose around. If you want a garden tap installed, just simply click here to book one of Rightio’s qualified plumbers.

  1. Think about the vegetables.

    Of course flowers are beautiful to look at, but adding a little vegetable patch is sure to impress your neighbours. Just think about your fresh salad with added home-grown tomatoes and herbs.

Upgrading your garden is a job that can help you unleash your creativity. Have any other ideas of how to upgrade your garden? Don’t hesitate to share them!