10 ideas for a memorable and productive summer


10 ideas for a memorable and productive summer

Everything is better in the summer. We feel more motivated, inspired and full of energy. Combine this with a couple of weeks of summer holiday, and you can really make some positive changes, and play a little role in making the world a better place.

Whether you’re a parent, or a hard-working adult enjoying the time off, or you’ve recently retired, there are endless opportunities to fill in your time, and it sometimes can be hard to decide how to make the most of it.

That’s why we’ve came up with 10 ways to enjoy your time off, while staying productive.

  1. Your own ice cream.

Making your own ice cream is rewarding and healthier, than the store-bought options. We found a great recipe here.

  1. Picnic times.

You can pack your own picnic, or invite friends and family to join you. A favourite book, some light snacks, and maybe a pack of cards to kill the time?

  1. Home improvement

Holiday is holiday but why not spend a day to finally do all these dreaded tasks you’ve been postponing? Pay the bills, organise your journal, check around your home for leaks, cracks and minor damage, which can lead to more serious problems. And if your boiler is getting older, summer is the right time to look for a new one, as prices are lower, and engineers have higher availability.

  1. Learn a new skill.

It doesn’t matter if you have a whole month ahead, or just a week off, you could put the foundations to your new hobby. Explore photography, knitting, graphic design, or plumbing, who knows where your undiscovered talents lie?

  1. Engage with a good cause.

Why not donate your time off to a charity you feel close to your heart? Or visit an animal shelter, or a care home? It might just be an afternoon but you’ll be making a positive change in someone else’s life.

  1. Focus on your garden.

Most of the gardening work should technically be done in the spring but there is still enough time to plant some herb and late vegetables. Choose herbs like thyme, mint, chives, if you want to help the bees – they absolutely love them.

  1. Put the foundations to learning a new language.

It’s not a simple holiday job to learn a whole new language but you can spark your interest now, and use the never-ending winter nights to go in-depth. Try using helpful apps, such as Duolingo.

  1. Create a family recipe book.

We all know there is nothing that can beat nan’s Sunday roast, or aunty’s wild mushroom soup. Don’t let the cooking genius disappear in the family archives. Instead why not collect these special recipes and record them in a bespoke cooking book, which can be used when cooking for family gatherings?

  1. Host an educational dinner.

Maybe this doesn’t sound fun at first but it can be! Choose any country around the world, spend the day doing research on their local cuisine and try to recreate it as best as possible. Use your creativity to decorate the table, and the dining room to reflect the spirit of the country you’ve chosen. Then enjoy your meal, and share some curious facts you’ve learned in the meantime.

  1. Organise a nature clean-up.

What is the closest park to your home? Or maybe it’s a beach, river, community garden. Wake up early one day, grab a bag and a pair of rubber gloves and collect as much rubbish as you can find lying around.

Can you come up with other great ideas to make your holidays memorable and productive? We’d love to hear them.