Choosing the best boiler for your home.


Choosing the best boiler for your home.

When it comes to replacing a boiler, we’re normally looking for the best combination of affordability, and lasting quality. That shouldn’t come as a surprise –  the boiler is probably the hardest working appliance in our homes, and choosing a new one is a demanding task.

Let’s start with the three main types of household boiler:

  • Combi boilers
  • Conventional boilers
  • Sealed system boilers

What is a combi boiler?

Combi boilers are designed for small spaces, as they don’t need large storage tanks. Water in the combi boiler is heated on demand, whenever the consumer requests it (for example by turning on the hot tap). In general, a combi boiler will be cheaper, and easier to install, which means they’ll be as budget-friendly as it gets.

What is a conventional, or standard boiler?

This type of boiler requires a hot water cylinder in the house, and a cold water tank in the loft. While they do take more space, they’re a good choice for houses with three or more bathrooms, where hot water might be in demand at the same time.

What is a sealed system boiler?

Sealed system boilers don’t require a separate cold water tank, and the heating and hot water components are built into the boiler, which will save you space around the house. However, if you do have a bigger house with a few bathrooms, keep in mind that with this boiler type you don’t get hot water instantly, and it can run out.


The best boiler type for your house.

To put it simply – it will depend on your situation. But there are still some guidelines, which can give you a good idea of the type of boiler you’ll need.

If you live in a small flat, or a 1-2 bedroom house, and only have one bathroom, a combi boiler will be the best choice for you.

For a bigger house, where hot water might be needed in two or more bathrooms at the same time, the combi boiler might not be ideal. If you really want  a combi boiler though, there are some higher capacity, powerful combi boilers on the market, which will certainly meet your demands.

Detached houses and bungalows tend to mostly benefit from conventional boilers, although in the recent years there has been a growing interest in high-capacity storage combi boilers with built-in hot water tank.


Choosing the right boiler brand.

If you’re looking for the leaders on the market then there’s a high chance you’ll be considering Worcester Bosch. They offer a variety of models, suitable for any home, and with a generous warranty added to the offer, they really know how to tempt the consumer.

Ideal Boilers – the nation’s favourite, they have experienced a steady growth in the recent years. They warranty is simple, and easy to understand so you always know what your rights and responsibilities are.

If you’re looking for a budget solution Glow Worm boilers are both reliable and reasonably priced.

Whether you’re on the lookout for a new boiler, or just expanding your knowledge, we hope we managed to fill this article with some useful information. Don’t forget that as a Care Club member you’ll receive £200 discount on your boiler installation.