Energy saving secrets to help the environment (and your wallet).


 Energy saving secrets to help the environment (and your wallet).

We normally associate energy saving with attempts to lower our household bills. But our dedication to cutting down on our energy usage means we also consume less natural resources, thus helping to reduce pollution as well.

The most common energy saving rules are wide-known and have been around for at least 10-15 years. Invest in energy saving light bulbs, remember to switch off the plugs and every parent’s favourite – don’t leave the lights on. But since we care about you and saving you money (that’s what Care Club is for, after all), we decided to put this useful list of little-known energy saving tips.

Here is what you can do, if you want to be more energy-efficient and save some pennies as well:

  1. Use your fridge to defrost food.

    You read that correctly. This tip requires a bit of planning ahead, as you need to know that you’ll be using the frozen food in about a day’s time. But if you know, that you want to use your freezer contents for dinner tomorrow, just move them to the fridge, before you go to bed. The frozen food will actually help keep your fridge colder, and less energy will be used to sustain the temperature inside.

  2. Use the lids you have for those pots and pans.

    Many of us just toss the lid at the back of the cupboard and forget about it. But keeping the steam in the pot will help the food cook faster, and with using less energy.

  3. Install an energy-saving condensing boiler.

If the time has come to change your old boiler, choose a super-efficient one. All boilers installed after April 2018 have to comply to the new Boiler Plus regulations, and have at least 92% efficiency rating. They also recycle the heat in the waste exhaust gases, which makes the boiler more efficient. And once you’ve purchased your new boiler, don’t forget that you can protect it with Rightio’s Boiler and Controls cover. Our boiler covers also includes a free boiler service each year, which is usually a condition in your boiler’s warranty.

  1. Submit meter readings.

    Accurate bills will help you understand your energy consumption and allow you to make adjustments where needed. To get accurate bills you need to record your meter readings every month about 5 days before the due date of your energy bill. Don’t be fooled by Smart Meters, they can take a few months to sync. Always check if your bills are being done to the actual, not estimated usage.

  2. Air-dry your hair.

    Use your time smartly; wash your hair after work, or before bed. Then it’ll have enough time to dry naturally, and well, it’s better for your hair too. If you want to style your hair you can use rag-curls or bendy rollers too, there are step-by-step guides you can find online. And if you really have to dry your hair, try to wait until it’s at least 80% dry.

  3. Fill up your freezer.

    Just use this tip as an excuse to buy more ice cream. The reasoning behind this advice is quite simple – your frozen food won’t warm up quickly when you open the door to take something out. If there is empty space however, it will instantly fill up with room-temperature air as you open the door. Your freezer will then have to put “extra effort” to cool this space down.

  4. Invest in rugs.

    If you don’t have carpets already, buy some warm rugs to bring out in the winter. If your feet are cold you’re more likely to turn up the thermostat. So prepare with some fluffy socks, colourful slippers and a thick rug, and you’ll save on energy without even realising it.

  5. Trust the pale colours.

    This is simple science – lighter colours reflect light better, so you’ll need lower voltage bulbs to illuminate your rooms.

  6. Motion detector lighting

    Motion detector lights are not suitable for your everyday rooms, but if you own a bigger house with a basement, loft or any space you don’t use often they’re definitely a solution. And on the plus side, you’ll never have to worry about leaving the lights on again.

  7. Choose heavy curtains.

    They look dramatic, classy and will help you keep the heat in and the cold out. Or vice versa depending on the season.


It’s easy to save energy if you’re ready to adopt some new habits. Being more energy-efficient will not only save you money, but make your home more comfortable too.