Get your home autumn-ready in 10 easy steps.


Get your home autumn-ready in 10 easy steps.

The autumn is officially here, and this means soon colourful leaves will be covering the streets or blocking your gutters. The time has come to prepare your house for the new season.

Getting your home ready for the new season is a time-consuming task and we suggest you either do the work on a sunny weekend or spread all the tasks through the week.

Here is your guide to getting your home ready for the autumn:

  1. One last cut.

Grass doesn’t just stop growing once the summer is over, so you’ll still need to cut it occasionally but it won’t be as much as in the summer. Now is the right time to give your lawn one final big trim – then all you need to do is keep an eye on it till the spring. Once you’ve done this, put some fertiliser on top, and you’re done till March.

  1. Gutter cleaning.

It’s advisable you clean your gutters at the beginning of each season but you really need to be keeping on top of it in the autumn, when the leaves start falling. Blocked gutters can cause water damage to your walls, and the foundations of the house, so don’t take this task lightly. Read how to clean your gutters here.

  1. Bring the outdoor furniture in.

Don’t let the autumn rains catch your garden furniture and the throws/pillows you have on top. Bring in all the decorations to wash and store till the spring, and cover the furniture to protect it from rain damage.

  1. Is your boiler ready?

You’re likely to want to switch your central heating on as early as October. Before you do that make sure your boiler is serviced, and in good condition to go through the winter.

  1. Don’t forget the outdoor taps.

These fixtures are easy to forget about, especially when you don’t use them daily. But with the nights getting colder, it’s the right time to disconnect and drain your hoses and sprinkler system, then drain and turn off the garden taps for the winter.

  1. Clear out the shed.

We know, it’s one of the most dreaded jobs out there but your gardening tools will soon need storage for the winter. Arrange the tools carefully, and make sure the leaf rakes are at the front, or they can be a serious safety hazard.

  1. Bring the potted plants in.

Many of us like to take the potted plants out for the summer, so they can enjoy the fresh air and the direct sunlight. But autumn in the UK is not gentle for potted plants, and the best advice is to bring them back in to their sheltered and secure shelves.

  1. Oven cleaning.

Yet another dreaded task but so necessary before a season dedicated to roasts, pies, baking and heart-warming dishes. Make sure your oven is prepared for the increased demand of its services, and clean it easily, without using hard chemicals. Click here for our oven-cleaning guide.

  1. Autumn lights.

Candles are perfect to set the autumn mood – choose smells like pumpkin spice, mulled cider or pine forest for the ultimate cosy feel.

  1. A touch of colour.

While your front garden is hibernating why not add a pop of colour by repainting your front door in a bright summer colour? Don’t forget to use durable pain, designed for all weather conditions.