Don’t make these home maintenance mistakes in the New Year


Don’t make these home maintenance mistakes in the New Year

You notice an innocent looking crack, chip or a drip. At first you think you might fix it but as the time passes, it’s just never the right moment. Until one day you wake up and a big, unpleasant surprise is waiting for you to fix or call an engineer. To avoid situations like these you need to know how to handle your home maintenance with responsibility, and avoid expensive mistakes.

Make sure your home is safe and affordable to maintain by taking precautions, organising seasonal examinations and addressing issues on time. The biggest home maintenance mistake one can make is not fix problems on time.

Six home maintenance mistakes to avoid in the new year:

1. Not preparing for winter

Humans have been planning for the winter since ancient times, and this remains true for today. Of course, we’re much less dependable on the weather, and our homes have become more comfortable but winterisation should still be a priority, as early as October. Before the winter colds hit, make sure to insulate the pipes, drain your sprinkler system and service your boiler.

2. Not servicing your boiler annually.

If you want to ensure the long lifespan of your trusted boiler you need to arrange for an annual boiler service. The annual boiler service will also ensure your boiler’s warranty remains valid.

3. Forgetting to clean the gutters

One of the serious home maintenance mistakes to avoid is leaving your gutters unkempt for too long. Ideally you need to clean your gutters at the beginning of every season, but failing that, once before spring and once before autumn should suffice. However, if you forget to clean your gutters, they can get blocked and overflow causing significant damage to your walls, roof and foundations.

4. Not fixing leaks

Water is actually corrosive, especially if left unsupervised for a long time. Mould and mildew can also start growing as soon as 24hrs after a surface was exposed to water. To avoid damages make sure to keep your bathroom dry and fix any leaks when you discover them.

5. Unsuccessful DIY

Sure, some smaller jobs can be fixed by yourself but make sure you don’t overestimate your abilities. Jobs related to plumbing, drainage, electricity or heating repairs are best left to the professionals.

6. Leaving it for later

We all know home maintenance can be costly, and is definitely not what you want to do on a Sunday morning. Instead of ending up with an expensive renovation project on your hands, it’s better to tackle the little problems as they come and create a checklist for the maintenance tasks you need to oversee.