Home Maintenance plans are rising in popularity. The truth is they are a necessity.


Home Maintenance plans are rising in popularity. The truth is they are a necessity.

Thirty years ago an unexpected breakdown in the house would probably be fixed by someone in the house, or perhaps by neighbour famous for their extensive skillset. Today’s reality is different –homeowners are less likely to have the skills to fix common problems such as running toilet or a leaking tap. Fewer young people are training as tradesmen, which means the demand, and price of the services is growing. Taking time off work also has its risks, given the target-driven nature of many jobs.

Paying for an emergency call-out to an engineer in the case of a sudden household problem can put a strain on the monthly budget. There’s also no guarantee that engineers will be available, especially during bank holidays and weekends. This has made the popularity of Home Maintenance plans boom over the last years; they provide a quick and cheap solution to an otherwise stressful situation.

What is a Home Maintenance plan?

Think about your home, and all the appliances and constructions that provide you with comfort. Boiler, heating, pipes, drains etc. What if one of them, for example the boiler, breaks down unexpectedly? Would you know what to do in such case? How long would you be prepared to wait for an engineer? Would you have the emergency cash necessary to cover such an expensive repair? That’s when a home maintenance plan like our Boiler Breakdown Cover could save your peace of mind. A dedicated engineer is just a call away, and because of the monthly installments there is no need to pay for anything extra.

And while a Home Maintenance cover is a necessity, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t shop around for the best deal.

Always read the Terms and Conditions carefully. Just like any other too-good-to-be-true offers, cheap Home Maintenance plans are not always to be trusted. Often there is an excess to be paid for every call-out, or your breakdown history can increase the monthly installment, or the price of the plan increases drastically after the first year. We are proud to announce that Rightio’s Care Club plans have no hidden small print. All our Care Club plans include unlimited call-outs, all parts and labour, no excess and the price won’t go up next year. If you’re still not convinced, all our Terms&Conditions are available on the Care Club website, so you can make an informed purchase.

So which is the best Home Maintenance cover on the market?

We are not ones to bring our competitors down, and there’s certainly a wide a variety of options out there. But we’d like to use the opportunity to brag just a little bit, pointing out that our Boiler and Controls Cover should definitely be one of your top choices. It includes:

  • All parts and labour
  • Unlimited call-outs
  • No excess
  • Boiler health check
  • Boiler breakdown
  • Gas supply pipe
  • Free annual boiler service

Finally, when you consider the convenient monthly installments, experienced engineers available 365 days of the year, and the peace of mind, it is quite obvious why Home Maintenance plans have risen in popularity in the last years. The future is here, and the Yellow Pages just don’t belong in it.