Investing in a Home Maintenance cover. Why it’s worth it?


Investing in a Home Maintenance cover. Why it’s worth it?

The importance of having a Home Maintenance cover cannot be understated. Knowing that an engineer is just one call away, and that the repair won’t cost you a fortune gives you true peace of mind. But with so many offers on the marker, trying to decide which one is the right choice can be exhausting and time-consuming.

This is why we decided to help you with your research by answering the most common questions, related to Home Maintenance covers.

Why is a Home Maintenance cover worth the money?

  1. We can’t predict the future.

    We rarely get given a warning before something breaks down. On the contrary, breakdowns tend to occur when it’s least convenient. Your boiler suddenly gives up just before the relatives visit? Classic! But you wouldn’t need to worry, if you had a Boiler and Controls plan. In fact, you’d even get a free boiler service with Rightio. Calling an engineer last minute you’re almost certain to be served a heart-breaking bill at the end. But if you invest in a Home Maintenance cover your monthly installments will cover the cost of the repair, and provided the plan does not have excess, you wouldn’t need to worry about finances at all.

  1. New home, new issues.

    Of course it’s exciting to move to a new home, but the truth is we never know what surprises it might hide. This is why choosing a Home Maintenance repair plan is especially important for new homeonwners.

  2. It does actually help you save money.

    People tend to not rely on repair plans as emergencies are rare, and all these monthly installments can seem like money thrown down the drain. But if you’ve ever had to pay the emergency call-out fees for a Plumbing Engineer, you know that your investment will certainly pay off once you need assistance with an emergency repair.

  3. You invest in expertise.

    Every engineer employed by Rightio, regardless of whether they are direct employees or subcontractors, has more than 5 years of proven experience prior to joining the company. And in case you have any questions, or just want to expand your knowledge, our engineers are always happy to explain the repair step-by-step.

  4. It’s all for the peace of mind.

    If you’re tired of worrying about unexpected breakdowns and huge bills you just need a home maintenance plan. There’s nothing more precious than having peace of mind.

  5. The price remains the same.

    Well, at least with Rightio’s Care Club plans. Unlike some of our competitors we reward your loyalty – we won’t raise our prices once it’s time to renew your Care Club cover. You pay exactly what you signed up for.


 Who invests in home maintenance cover plans?

  1. Single parents, or couples, if one of the partners works away/abroad.

    Sometimes a helping hand is a necessity when completing a repair. More often the lack of time, tools, finance or knowledge is the reason people choose to sign up for a home maintenance cover. The day goes faster if emergency breakdowns are one less thing to worry about.

  2. Working professionals.

    When you work 9-5 and commute, most of the days is spent out of the house. When a breakdown occurs it’s comforting to know that an engineer can attend even out of working hours for no additional fee.

  3. People with elderly parents

It comes as no surprise that once we grow up we want to ensure our elderly parents will be safe and protected, regardless of the circumstances. That is why investing in a home maintenance plan like Care Club is a logical choice for many adults; even if we can’t be there for our parents, at least we know that an engineer is only a call away.

  1. The ones who value peace of mind above all else.

Last-minute surprises may be exciting, but that’s definitely not the case when they happen to be household-related. It’s simply easier to sign up for a home maintenance plan, have your monthly Direct Debit installment collected, and forget about worrying and overthinking emergency repairs ever again.