Keeping your home warm this winter is easier than you might think


Keeping your home warm this winter is easier than you might think

Balancing the budget between keeping your home warm, and keeping the bills down can be a difficult task. Most of us will think about putting on an additional jumper or wrapping up in a blanket but how many will consider draught-proofing their home or making sure the pipes are insulated.

If you want to be successfully keeping your home warm you might consider bleeding the radiators, changing the interior or investing in upgrades. The choices are various.

Follow our expert advice, and keeping your home warm this winter won’t be a challenge at all.

Remember to insulate

We mentioned it above, and it’s absolutely true – proper insulation can save you as much as £160 per year. And we’re not only talking pipes – think about all the places draughts can sneak in from. Insulate the loft and walls, for ultimate warmth.

Add thermostatic radiator valves.

Chances are you have them already but if, by any chance you haven’t installed TRVs on your radiators yet, now is the time. This valve gives you better control over heating in individual rooms, and you can set it up to your preferences. With no unnecessarily heated rooms, you’ll notice the bills going down immediately.

Boiler upgrade

It’s always sad to say goodbye to a fellow friend but if your boiler is getting old it might be time to think of replacement. A newer model will be more efficient, and a lot less likely to break down. Why not read our article, if you’re unsure how to recognise the signs of an aging boiler, or request a free boiler survey here. Did you know Care Club members get £200 off new boiler installations?

Bleed the radiators

If you notice your home is not heating as fast as usual, or there are cold spots on the surface of your radiators it might be time to bleed them. Don’t worry, it’s not as gory as it sounds – all you need is a radiator key from the DIY store and some spare time. Read our guide to bleeding your radiators here.

Interior changes

Make sure your radiators are not blocked by household objects or the heat might not be able to circulate freely. Sure enough it is nice to have your radiator next to your bed or favourite armchair but this can block the precious heat from filling the whole room. If necessary, rearrange the room so the furniture is facing the radiators rather than blocking them.

Get cosy

Thick rugs, fluffy socks, candles and heavy curtains –they autumn is certainly here but these cosy interior additions will also help you keep warmth in the room.

Open the curtains

While we’d advise to keep the curtains closed at night to prevent the cold air coming in, when the sun is out don’t hesitate to open them wide. Even the winter sun’s rays will feel warm when being filtered through your windows, and is a natural way to increase the room’s temperature.