Londoners more likely to experience boiler breakdown than anyone in the UK.


Londoners more likely to experience boiler breakdown than anyone in the UK.

The most boiler repairs were needed in London, compared to the rest of the UK, according to a study conducted by a national boiler supplier[i].

In the period between 2009-2019 6.08% of the boilers in London were estimated to have broken down. The West Midlands and North East followed with 6.04% and 5.59% respectively.

Of course the logical first conclusion would be that there are more homes and boilers in London, but the study standardised its data, so this assumption would be wrong.

A likely explanation is that the increased number of boiler breakdowns in London is due to older properties, and the accompanying old heating systems. There is also a significant number of listed buildings, which require special permissions in order to update their heating systems. Because of the increased population, there are more shared households as well, which puts additional pressure on boilers, especially if they have not been serviced regularly.

Then we have to take into consideration the higher average temperature and milder climate down south. The less a boiler is being used, the more likely it is that it will develop problems once it’s finally turned on.

The study also found out that the most of the boiler repairs and breakdowns happened in January (15.56%), and December (12.01%.). This is because the boiler is used the most during these months, which puts extra strain on its components. Another common reason are sub-zero temperatures leading to frozen condensate pipes and stop the boiler from working.

The quietest month is July, with only 3.8% of issues happening then. Which makes July the perfect month to service a boiler, or think of installing a new one.

With less work to do, heating engineers and home maintenance companies offer better prices over the summer. Plus it’s easier to get an appointment sooner, and at a convenient time. The work that needs to be carried out will also require the boiler to be turned off, so do you really want to do this once the weather gets colder?

Considering all this, it is a good idea to invest in a Boiler and Controls cover, especially if you live in an older home in the southern parts of the country. Plus, if you’ve chosen a Boiler and Controls breakdown cover with Care Club, not only your peace of mind is guaranteed throughout the year, but you get your boiler service for free.



[i] The figures, which have been compiled by Boiler Guide as part of its ‘Boilers on the Blink‘ campaign to encourage homeowners to review their boilers following winter and make repairs while engineers are in lower demand, found that 6.1%* of properties in London had experienced a boiler breakdown since 2009.