Prepare your house for the summer in 10 easy steps


Prepare your house for the summer in 10 easy steps

It’s finally looking like summer – well at least for the next week or two. So why not use this time to freshen up the house, open the windows, and get the summer mood in your home.

Plenty of sunlight and fresh air can definitely have a positive effect on your mood, and make you more active, and your house should be set up to welcome the new season.

We’ve got 10 easy and fun ideas to help you prepare your home for the new season.

  1. Say goodbye to winter

Get rid of the cosy socks, dark curtains, candles and fluffy rugs. Instead invest in bright fabrics and light materials. Open the windows, take your plants out in the garden or on the balcony and let the summer breeze in.

  1. Is anything leaking?

Really, you should be doing this check up every time the seasons change but especially following heavy rains. But if you’ve forgotten check for leaks around the foundations, as well as doors and windows. Finally check whether your gutters are clean, and if any pipes were damaged through the winter. Don’t delay the repairs until it’s too late.

  1. Go on the hunt for summer deals.

With more availability, and less demand, summer is the perfect time for a boiler service or power flush. The engineers will have more time, and prices are likely to be cheaper.

  1. Clear the outside drains.

Following the spring rains and storms your external drains might be in need of a clean. If they’re full of leaves and sticks, don’t hesitate.

  1. Grab the paint bucket.

A fresh coat of paint will brighten up your fence but also protect it from unexpected weather conditions.

  1. Keep the bugs out.

Summer is a time of new life but unfortunately that’s true for bugs as well. That’s why you need to check about gaps around windows and doors and fill them in where needed. Don’t forget to put on mesh screens if your home is close to water or has a big garden.

  1. Get the barbecue ready

If it’s your first barbecue for the year, or it’s been raining a lot since you last used it, it will need a good clean up and a safety check. To make your outdoor party run even smoother, think about installing an outdoors tap, to avoid running to the kitchen with dirty feet and dripping plates.

  1. Trim the plants and trees

Nature is coming back to life and so is every plant, shrub or tree around. Make sure you trim them before they try to occupy your house.

  1. Check the air-con

Although air-con is not too popular in the UK, if you happen to have one installed now is the right time to have it properly cleaned and have the air filter replaced. Try switching it on for a test and get a professional if it isn’t.

  1. Window clean

We all forget our windows until the bright sunlight tries to shine through them, only to showcase of the dust and finger marks on the glass. Give them a good wipe, and let brightness in your home.