Battle the energy vampires in your home with smart energy saving devices.


Battle the energy vampires in your home with smart energy saving devices.

Energy saving devices have been popular in the UK for the last decade but now a new, even more efficient trend is coming up. Smart energy saving devices are about to conquer the consumer market, promising eco-friendly alternatives, and user-friendly features.

The smart energy saving devices come with a major worry – whether the installation will be costly due to a special engineer being required. This is a common misconception though – your regular electrician should be able to install smart energy saving devices with ease, and within reasonable time. And in case you are already planning to have one installed, our electricians can help.

The most-interesting smart energy saving devices available currently:

1. Wireless thermostat

Smart wireless thermostats can help you battle the bad habit of leaving the heating too high, or on for too long. The smart thermostat will learn from your heating habits, and start “taking initiative” by adjusting the heating according to your temperature preferences. If you want one installed, our heating engineers are professionals.

2. Energy-saving plugs

Never again worry about leaving your bedside lamp or flat iron on – with smart plugs you can use your phone to switch it off and on remotely. Saving on electricity, and ensuring peace of mind – now that’s a good deal.

3. Energy-efficient kettle

The UK is famously the land of tea-lovers but the nation’s favourite habit comes at a great energy expense. To ensure you’re saving on energy costs it’s a good idea to invest in a smart energy efficient kettle. The best thing – you can turn it on from your phone, which means in the morning you can just walk in the kitchen and grab your hot cuppa – no waiting around.

4. Smart lighting

Control the light in your house with a simple tap on your smartphone screen. Smart bulbs promise to last some amazing 25 000 hours, and use 85% less energy. Also how cool it is to spook your neighbours this Halloween with your remotely controlled lights.

5. Smart energy meter

People’s opinions on the new smart meter installation scheme have been very polarised – we either love the smart meter or hate it. But the fact is, while they won’t save you money directly, the in-home display will help you monitor your daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly usage. You can then make educated and smart choices when using energy at home.

Have we missed some great smart energy saving devices? Let us know about the greatest innovations you’ve heard of.