Smart hacks for everyday house problems


Smart hacks for everyday house problems

When you have no experience as a technician or a handyman it can be stressful, to say the least, when you have to deal with clogged drains, nail holes and stubborn screws. Still, there is no reason to despair, as sometimes little hacks can help you save the day.

We have prepared 9 household repair hacks, which can help you patch up and deal with minor house issues. Plus you get to brag to your friends and social media followers about the DIY expert you’ve transformed into.

Learn 9 house repair hacks that you can easily put into practice.


  1. Sort your doors with cooking spray.

You can use your cooking spray to get rid of squeaking door noises. Just spray the hinges and wait for the magic to happen.

  1. Fix squeaky wooden floors with talcum powder.

Once you fixed the door noises, move to the cabinets. You’ll find the solution to your squeaky floors in your medicine cabinet. It’s called talcum powder – just sprinkle it in the gaps and you can sneak to the fridge at night, without waking up the whole family.

  1. Unclog drains with baking soda.

Baking soda is a tool for many household issues. For this particular problem mix it with vinegar and hot water and pour it down the drain. Avoid doing it too often though, as overuse of this method could damage the pipes.

  1. Unclog toilets with dish soap.

If your toilet is clogged and your plumber is busy you might be able to relieve the situation (pun intended). Grab the dish soap and pour some in the bowl. Leave it to rest for half an hour then follow it with hot water to unclog the blockage.

  1. Clean shower with white vinegar.

Or more accurately, the shower head. You might have noticed your shower losing pressure, and this could well be due to a build-up on the shower head. Clear out the build-up by placing a bag full of white vinegar over the shower head and leaving it through the night. In the morning run the shower as usual, and you should notice the pressure has improved.

  1. Fill in holes with wax crayons.

If you’ve left a hole in a plaster wall while trying to figure out where t put your new painting, don’t worry there’s a temporary fix. Just scrub some crayon over the hole and apply pressure to smoothen the surface.

  1. Remove a stripped screw with rubber band.

Is it not the best, when a stripped screw ruins our little DIY home project? Turns out, it is an exaggerated problem. Place a rubber band on top of the screw and you’ll get an extra grip.

  1. Remove a broken light bulb using a potato.

Potatoes are no doubt, one of the most useful creations in this universe. Not only do them make for a fantastic number of meal variation, but they can be used around the household. If you’re struggling with a broken lightbulb, just cut a potato in half and twist the sharp edges into the flesh. Then just turn around until the bulb comes off.

  1. Use pencil for stuck locks.

No, it’s not the same as using a bobby pin. In fact, it’s the graphite not the shape that does the job. When you rub the pencil on the keyhole, the graphite acts as a lubricant, so your key can turn around.